Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen

German-Chinese House

Expo Shanghai

Shanghai, PR China
Designer / Architect Markus Heinsdorff,
Munich / MUDI Architects Shanghai

Bamboo, steel, ETFE / PVC membrane

  • bamboo cane structure
  • hybrid roof made of PVC membrane on a rope-braced tubular steel substructure
  • hybrid free-standing facade made of ETFE membrane on rope-braced bamboo layered beams
  • Intermediate level on an inclined frame made of layered bamboo beams
  • Bamboo connection technology
  • Fire protection requirements
  • Static-constructive advice
  • Development of material / component tests
  • Structural engineering in collaboration with Alfred Rein Ingenieure GmbH
  • Development of construction details in collaboration with Liz-Boa and Andreas Wilke Design